Akkrin Gaming Community (AKGC)

The Akkrin Gaming Community is something that we created to provide a place for gamers and content creators to chill out, talk, play and just have fun while pursuing your own goals!

For the time being we are primarily working on our AKGC Discord Server which you can join by: Clicking here to join our Discord Server!.

On this Discord Server you are welcome to promote yourself and your work, socialise with other gamers and enjoy playing some games, share your opinions and experiences, and anything else you can think of that doesn't violate our terms on the welcome page!

On the lead up to, and when our premises are opened in Glasgow we will be hosting events where you will be more than welcome to come along and take part! These events will range from purely social meet-ups, to competitions, tournaments and view-ing parties.

We aim to have something for everyone, and encourage you to have a voice!