About Akkrin

Akkrin is a company that strives to provide a platform for Gamers and Content Creators of all kinds to socialise, promote their work, collaborate, and enjoy the gaming community!

After a break we're back at it! We have our sights set on a place in Glasgow for our next premises, and we have a tonne of things planned for Events, Tournaments, Workshops and so much more!

This time round we aren't just content with having a nice store where you can come in and play. We'll be making sure to bring as many opportunities as we can make to you and the community as a whole while promoting gaming, activities that exist around gaming, and those of you working towards something within this scope! Whether it's promotion of talent, help in getting started in your chosen path, or you just want somewhere to go and have some fun with like minded people, we'll have you covered!

The team that Akkrin has working on it is made up of experienced gamers that come from differing backgrounds. While we all have played different genres to different degrees, we pool this knowledge and our experiences to create something that everyone can find a place in. We all share a common goal with the same moral ground that sees us pushing the company to extend the benefits of the gaming industry to everyone, while making sure that our customers and those that work with us are treated with respect and equality.

While we will have a physical location for you to attend, we also run an online community named Akkrin Gaming Community (AKGC for short). We use this to interact and communicate with those who follow us and want to be a part of what we do. The community is open to everyone, and provides and avenue for self promotion, socialising, and learning.

Along side the work we do, we also do what we can to work with those less fortunate and less able. We do this in the form of free play events, one-to-one sessions, and any other way that we can use the surprising benefits that games can give.

There is a lot to Akkrin, but one of the most important parts of our company is those who choose to follow and interact with us, and use our services. We love to hear any feedback that helps us see what we're doing well, and criticism that shows us what we need to pay more attention to. Communication with our customer base is essential to us, and we sincerely enjoy what we do.

To sum this about section up, Akkrin is a place for everyone, powered by people with strong moral integrity that want to see the community grow and flourish. If you feel like you want to be a part of this then join us in our community, social media links, premises, or events!