We're Back!

It's been a while, but Akkrin is back and ready to take on the next steps of our journey!

With the lessons from Hamilton firmly learned, we have a lot in the works which will allow us to bring you far more than we had hoped to before!

Currenlty we are in the process of resurrecting our social media pages while making sure our front end and interaction is alive and kicking. Soon we will be hosting some gaming events in the city of Glasgow to promote our work and provide some social fun for gamers and content creators.

This time around, we will also be ensuring that we give more opportunities and focus towards content creators. These will include events directed towards Video creation, Cosplay, Music, Artistic Creation, and much more!

Akkrin will be a platform for gamers and content creators of all kinds, and our goal is to bring as many opportunities to those of you who want them, while promoting and growing the gaming community.

Please keep up to date on our social media pages for more regular updates and use them as a way to communicate with us freely! We love to hear from you.


The website is up!

We've teased website releases for some time now, but finally we now have the new site up!

At present this site is purely for information. We'll be updating it with any major news in regards to Akkrin, Events and Tournaments that we will be holding, information about us and what our goals and morals are, as well as details about our team and their activities.

In the near future we will be updating the calendar section of the website to be a fully interactive page in which you will be able to see all available gaming and content creation events in the UK. We aim to expand this out to cover major events in Europe, US, and other locations, but this will come in stages.

Additionally, we will be introducing a new part to the website which will focus on providing those new to gaming tutorials, guides, and explanations about how the industry works, as well as information and tips of how to be safe, as well as make the most of gaming.

Thanks for taking the time to check out our new site, and we'll be getting more out to you soon!