About Team Akkrin

Team Akkrin is the force that drives AkkrinNet forward in all of endeavours. Whether it be through planning and meetings to get the ball rolling on a project, operating our day to day services, or creating content online and offline for our communities and customers, we all push the company towards its goals with our work.

We strive and push ourselves to create this platform that is AkkrinNet. All of us have come from gaming backgrounds that have differed in their paths, but we all share a common goal in AkkrinNet, and have put all our resources and efforts to use here.

This team provides us with the ability to personalise our interactions and services to those who come to us in ways that would otherwise not be possible. By having a group where you can interact with us one to one and as a group we have been able to grow and mature as a company over the last couple years, and we will continue to do so alongside yourselves and everyone who else who gets involved with us!

While some individuals part of Team Akkrin have their own links and pages that can be found in their sections, we all share AkkrinNet's main platforms:

We use the above to showcase the work of the team, while also using the mixer link to stream tournaments and events that we run. Please drop by these and spend some time with us!

Remember that this company works with our gaming community, and the use of this team allows us to be a part of that while managing the company. Whether it is through our discord, social media, or our dealings, you'll always have an insight into who you are dealing with, and will be able to interact with us on this level to get the most out of what we can offer.