Scott 'Crow' Stewart

Scott was originally in Team Akkrin as part of our League of Legends team. When the 'LoL' team disbanded, he decided that he still wanted to be heavily involved with us and has found a place on our team helping out with day-to-day tasks, ground work and online content!

Presently, the majority of his job is to work on our online content with the rest of the team, throw out fancy names and ideas we can attach to our products, and helping with a lot of the physical work as there is a surprising amount of setup and relocating involved in what we do.

Having originally been a support main, he is an expert at the consoling back pat, and more than happy to help and talk with anyone that approaches!

Why Are You a Part of, and Love Akkrin?

I wanted to join Akkrin the first time I ever entered the store, I've always had a special place for Lan centres/Internet cafes since I was young and walking into a place filled with people talking and sharing their gaming passions with each other was a fantastic experience, I loved the nights where people from all walks of life would turn up and we'd just sit for a few hours doing small tournaments between ourselves and having some of the best times I've ever had, and I want to bring those great times to more and more people!

Where and What Do You Stream?

(I think we're using mixer?) It's a great way to interact with people and bring them in on the fun, which is what we're all about! I'll usually be streaming at the weekends with Chris at or We hope to see you there!

What Makes You Passionate For Gaming?

I was introduced to gaming when I was just a kid, and was immediately hooked from there on out, whether it was trawling through dungeons, a high seas adventure or solving puzzles on frozen mountain peaks I was engrossed in the worlds and couldn't get enough.