Jamie 'MrJDucky' Dorman

Jamie has been with AkkrinNet for over a year now, and works mostly on our front line interacting and talking with our customers and followers, where he feels most comfortable.

A large part of his job is running our Twitter, monitoring our Discord Community, helping to create Online Content for us and himself, as well as working with us at events, tournaments, in-store, and at conventions. He has brought a unique personality to our team that helps us create our platform and maintain it to the standards our customers and members love.

MrJDucky was originally a customer with us when we had our Hamilton Store open, but quickly became essentially a live-in. After creating a great rapore with our regulars and our staff he quickly found his place as a member of our team and has been integral in our relevance and success thus far.

He is also an avid fan of hugs. If you ever want a free one, just be sure to come to one of our physical events, or our new premises once they're open!

Why Are You a Part of, and Love Akkrin?

I'm part of Akkrin because it's awesome and I love Akkrin because it's awesome.

When I first heard about Akkrin, It sounded like a great place. I got taken to their hamilton store by a friend and looked around, it seemed pretty cool. As I spent more time there getting to know the staff, the way the place worked and some of the regular customers the place started to feel like 'Home', as someone who doesn't go out much and doesn't really socialise with people offline, Akkrin acted as a great stepping stone to meeting new people and actually being out and enjoying life. That's what I loved about Akkrin, no matter who you were or where you came from, you always had a place in Akkrin.

That's why I would say I'm a part of Akkrin; It gave me somewhere to be me and meet new people through a common love. Gaming. I want to give that back to everyone else, give everyone a place to belong and see that there's much more to Gaming than just sitting in your house screaming at kids on CoD.

Where and What Do You Stream?

I stream on an awesome site called Mixer, formerly known as Beam, which helps make my streams more interactive for my audience and myself. With Mixer's FTL protocol we can interact with an awesome 0.2 stream delay meaning that games like 'Jackbox TV', 'Life is Strange' and other such TellTale games can be played live, with the audience playing along with me on stream.

I play a wide variety of games ranging from driving simulators such as 'Euro Truck Simulator' and 'Train Simulator' to FPS' such as 'Battlefield' and 'Overwatch', sometimes with an Indie game thrown in as well.

What About Streaming Do You Enjoy?

Even now, many people still don't understand streaming. Why would you want to sit in front of a camera and play a game, or why would you want to watch someone play a game when you could play it yourself... If ever I'm asked that question, I always try to explain that it's much more than just that. It's about connecting with your audience, making them smile, laugh or cry with you while you play. It's a live experience that you can't get with Youtube. You and the viewer are both there in the moment, playing that game. That's why I enjoy streaming. It's a much better experience than recording gameplay.

What Makes You Passionate For Gaming?

And something about why it is you have a passion for gaming: I have a passion for gaming because it's something that was always given to me as a kid. My grandad was really into his games so he always had me trying out new names and such. When I was younger I'd be playing games like Gift, Unreal Tournament 2003, MDK and one of my favourites 'TrickStyle'. Ever since playing those gaming has been a big part of my life although admittedly I did miss out on some of the cooler consoles. Now as I grow up, gaming is a great way to relax, spend time with friends and further develop skills.

Really feeling like I need a better sleeping schedule..